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5 Tips for Organizing and Optimizing an Online Job Search

Posted: September 5, 2014 at 8:59 pm

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Any job search can seem daunting at first, but by planning ahead it can be a breeze. Whether choosing to conduct a local job search, searching online for work, or a combination of both methods; it’s important to stay organized in order to achieve the maximum results.

How the Job Search Has Changed

In the past, the traditional job search included traveling to a lot of places, filling out paper application forms, keeping track of all the places you had visited and people encountered, and then returning time and again hoping for an interview. As you can imagine, this took a lot of time, money, and effort.

Today, the job search process is vastly different. Most companies have switched from paper applications to online application tracking systems that make it necessary for job seekers to understand how to effectively find jobs online. This often includes conducting hours of research using search engines, participating in career networking groups, and submitting resumes to hundreds of career boards.

Making the Online Job Search Better

However, there are some ways to streamline and optimize the online job search that can increase your chances of getting spotted by a hiring company. Read on for five expert tips on a more organized and effective online job search.

#1 – Create a Way to Track Search History

As with any job search, but of greater importance with an online job search, you will need a way to organize and track your efforts to find work. Create a simple spreadsheet or checklist where you will include the organizations you are applying to, contact information, follow-ups made, and any notes about the process.

#2 – Use a Trusted Online Search Engine

Instead of using the same search general search engines to find jobs, focus on using online job search engines that provide up to date and accurate results. Some of the search engines simply aggregate job leads from other sites, meaning they can be weeks or even months old. Increase your chances of finding work by using My Job Helper, which includes fresh and local job leads.

#3 – Optimize Your Online Cover Letter and Resume

Create a resume and cover letter package that is friendly to the online job search process. This means not only picking a professional template to write these career documents, but also adding specific job search keywords to them. This enables online applicant tracking systems to send your resume and cover letter forward to hiring managers, instead of rejecting it when they are scanned.

#4 – Clean Up Your Social Network Accounts

Before you even think about conducting an online job search, take the time to make your social networking accounts stand out in a positive and professional way. Remove any compromising posts, pictures, and content. Update them with a fresh statement of who you are and what career expertise you have. Upload a new headshot photo. Most recruiters will be looking at your profiles, so make them count.

#5 – Set Up Online Job Search Emails and Folders

One great way to organize and streamline the job search is to use your preferred career search engine to set up email alerts by specific job types. Then, once you have these established, create an email inbox folder for alerts to automatically deposit messages to. This eliminates having to weed through spam and other emails to get to your job search efforts.

By using the above tips, you are more likely to find the online job search process much less frustrating. Remember to utilize My Job Helper to accomplish more in your job search online.