How Do I Find Available Jobs and Job Opportunities in My Area?

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In the search for work, individuals will often start with a local focus. There are a number of reasons why a job seeker will want to consider local career opportunities. These can include: the desire to live near family and friends, contributing to the development of the community, and needing to work in a specific industry with a strong local presence.

Making the Most of a Local Job Search

Finding a local job can be challenging, but certainly possible – that is if you know how and where to look. In this article, we will talk about ways to boost your results using these job-hunting strategies.

Utilize a Local Job Search Engine

The good news is that there are job search engines and websites that allow job seekers to use local terms to find work. Start your search at My Job Helper for careers near you. Use your postal zip code, the name of your city, nearby areas, and even local companies using advanced local search technology. This is far more productive than spending needless hours combing through the newspaper or weeding through outdated results on other job search engines.

Connect with Local Businesses at Job Fairs

Each season, many hiring companies participate in job fairs through local community centers, industry associations, and business events. Make sure you take advantage of this in your local job search. Get some professional business cards and resumes printed out, and brush up on your elevator pitch. Head there, dressed for success.

Get Registered with Staffing Agencies

Oftentimes, local staffing agencies can be values sources of local part time and full time jobs in your area. Take on temp assignments with the expectation that you will impress a company enough to hire you on permanently. Speak up about your career goals, be punctual, professional, and work hard to achieve more on the job.

Get Social with Your Job Search

Take the time to improve your social media presence by making it a regular part of your local job search. Use a professional head shot photo on your social profiles, leave off personal fluff, ad speak about your career aspirations. Connect with recruiters on social networks via local career groups.

If you want to have the bet chance at finding a local job, use a local job search engine well by also uploading a copy of your updated resume. As you search for jobs on My Job Helper, be sure to send your resume using a PDF format and a separate cover letter written specifically to each hiring company.

We hope that you find your local job search to be productive and fruitful, as you use the above tips for success.