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Which States Have the Highest Minimum Wage and Best Employment Benefits?

Posted: September 17, 2014 at 7:09 pm

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Looking for the best state in America to find a job today? Maybe you are looking for some of the perks that a job has to offer, such as a modern work environment, an above-average entry level salary and the best employee benefit offerings in the market? After spending a great deal of time and effort training or attending college for your career, what it often comes down to is finding a job that can offer you more out of the gate.

Here is a rundown of what are the most promising US states to find work that pays well and has the best perks.

States with the Highest Minimum Wages

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), as of August 2014, there are 23 states and The District of Columbia that have minimum wages above the current Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 USD per hour. Additionally, the remaining states have all proposed increases to their minimum wages, but as of this article have not enacted them. There are several states that have approved wage hikes, but they are pending for 2014.

Currently, these are the states with the highest minimum wages in the nation, and a good source of entry level jobs:


State,Minimum Wage

Washington D.C.,$9.50
New Jersey,$8.25


As of January 2015, the following states will also see an increase in their federal minimum wage:


State,Minimum Wage

Washington D.C.,$10.50 (July 2015)
Minnesota,$9.00 (large employers)
Rhode Island,$9.00
New York,$8.75


It appears that many of these increases fall in line with the above-average cost of living indexes across states like California, Washington D.C., the Midwest and the Northeastern USA.

States with Companies Offering the Best Employee Benefits

Outside of salary, today’s workforce is looking for the best employee benefits to stay healthy and plan for retirement. Therefore, we have scoured the Internet to find out what states offer the top employee benefits. According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Study in 2014 medical coverage was available to 86 percent of full time workers and 23 percent of part time workers in the private sectors. Retirement benefits are also offered to 74 percent of the full time workforce and 37 percent of part time employees.

There are several states that have above average benefits that employees can get their hands on. 24WallSt.com advised in 2012 that the top states that offered the best pension funding, parentage of wages covered by unemployment benefits, and spending on public health care and social services included Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Since then, Forbes magazine published it’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For survey results, naming companies noted for being the Best Companies for Compensation and Benefits . These companies, along with states include some big names, such as:



Google,Mountain View, California
COSTCO,Orem, Utah
Facebook,Menlo Park, California
Adobe,Seattle, Washington
Epic,Verona, Wisconsin
Intuit,Mountain View, California
USAA,San Antonio, Texas
Chevron,Houston, Texas
Sales force,Chicago, Illinois
Monsanto,St. Louis, Missouri
Genetech,San Francisco, California


It appears that some of the best opportunities exist in California, Washington, and Illinois in terms of top wages and employee benefits. When searching for a job in these areas, use My Job Helper to make your search more focused on great companies like these.