5 Examples of Clever and Professional Creative Resumes

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When it comes to writing creative resumes, the options are limitless. A creative resume can step outside of the boundaries of a traditional resume, while retaining professionalism. Many creative job seekers hope to show off their unique skills, while also promoting their value to recruiters in this industry. Even with the job market picking up, the competition can be tough.

Best Examples of Creative Resumes Ever!

In order to help you draft a resume that’s worthy of your talent, and one that will create a positive impression with your target agency, here are some creative resume examples to inspire you.

This is My Desk Creative Resume


Would you love to bring a potential hiring company right to your studio to see a Master at work? This creative resume, designed by copywriter, Ariane, is one of our favorites. It’s fun layout reels the viewer in, highlighting all the most important details of her work. However, note that it also includes all the elements that a standard resume would. This creative resume makes good use of a one-page design, giving attention to her skills, achievements, and contact information.

Show me a Chart Creative Resume

We especially enjoy the creative resume from Graphic Illustrator, Michael, who displays a colorful series of charts and timelines on his resume. Injected with some humor about his daily productivity habits, including “daily coffee intake”, this resume does a great job of displaying both his talents as well as his artistic skills. Using a fresh layout. This creative resume is fun to look at, while not being overwhelming.

Classic Comics Creative Resume

My Resume by ChuckDLay

Want to demonstrate that you have what it takes to design in a retro-art obsessed world? This umber cool, retro creative resume from Graphic Designer, Chuck, creates a new spin on the classic comics of yesteryear. Using multiple “advertisement” style boxes, he successfully breaks up each highlighted area of his career background, skills, and achievements into easy to read sections and using muted colors and appropriate clip-art. Good contact information is there, and he even includes an old school address section at the bottom, just like they did when kids used to mail things in for prizes.

Products Design Creative Resume

Gleason's Resume-Ale - Self Promotion Piece

You just got to love the brilliance of this resume, developed by consumer products artist, Brennan! He transformed an ordinary craft beer box into a creative resume masterpiece. Combining his resume elements with a cool demo product, he accomplishes two critical job search aspects at once. And he even brews his own pale ale so he can share this with the lucky hiring manager! Talk about making a positive impression and scoring some major points in the process.

Marketing Agency Creative Resume


What a genius idea, from Kamila, a Graphic Artist from Poland! She takes the creative resume to new dimensions with a colorful, yet professional tri-fold brochure with a twist. By adding a fun way to open the brochure (with a smart cutout of her initial) , trendy coordinating colors, and eye-catching fonts, she accomplishes what she set out to do—grabs the attention of the right hiring company. We love the branded look of this creative resume and portfolio all in one.

We hope that you loved these creative resumes and that this gives you some ideas of how to format your own.

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