What Should You Do If You Can’t Find Any Job Openings In Your Area?

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Unable to find job openingsAs a job seeker, you may not happen to live in a bustling urban landscape where job opportunities yell from every street corner. The area where you reside may not produce frequent job openings in your area of interest or experience. What can you do to launch a successful career without having to relocate halfway across the country?

There are several steps you can take now:

#1 – Look for hidden local jobs in the right places

If you are not finding many local jobs posted in the newspaper or on some of the major career search boards, it’s because you wont find hidden job leads there. Very often, a vast number of job openings are never advertised on big brand career portals or newspapers. However, they are to be found a-plenty on local job search engines like My Job Helper that’s designed for companies looking to hire now from the local community.

#2 – Get active with local business networks

Along with the great local job postings you will find on My Job Helper, other positive sources for finding jobs in your area include business networking groups and industry associations. You can mingle with other job seekers as well as business owners and recruiters who are looking for great people. This is time consuming, so plan ahead by bringing copies of your resume to hand out.

#3 – Volunteer while you search local careers

While you are trying to find a local job opening, you don’t want to sit around and let your skills get rusty. Use your talents to volunteer for local civic groups, religious organizations, and charities. You can find these opportunities very rewarding, you can add this experience to your resume, and it can put you in the right place at the right time to be spotted by a recruiter in your area.

#4 – Boost your social profiles with local terms

You may be having it difficult finding a local job because your social profile is not aligned well with online searches. Take a moment to clean up your social network profiles with a better headshot photo, and include local search terms in your description. For example, instead of saying you are looking for a job in aerospace; mention that you are seeking aerospace careers in [insert state name] for better results.

#5 – Take a local part time job (or two)

While you are not finding a full time job in your local area, chances are there are many part time local jobs available immediately. Employers often hire part time workers to fill gaps in their skillsets and cover busy seasons, and then they offer more permanent and full time jobs once you have proven yourself. Luckily, you can find local part time jobs on My Job Helper to get started.

#6 – Leverage your skills to start a business

Looking for a local job does take a great deal of effort, but in the meantime you can use your skills and experience to earn money with a home business. Consider all the things you can do or make that others may be willing to pay for. Then brand yourself, create a selling platform, and get out there to let others know you have a business they need.

By using the above tips, you can stay productive and earn some cash while you search for a local job in your field. Use My Job Helper to get your local job search underway.