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Free Resume Templates To Help Make Your Resume Stand Out

Posted: December 8, 2014 at 12:18 am

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Resume Templates to Make Resume Stand OutIn any job search, the name of the game is to stand out from other candidates to get picked for an interview. One way to do this is with we well-designed resume that’s geared specifically for the career you want to go after. In order to grab the attention of the hiring managers and recruiters, your resume needs to scream, “I’m the best!” loud and clear.

Creating a resume that stands out doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some examples of free resume templates that will help you accomplish this mission.

Go Bold or Go Home

Make your resume standout to recruiters with this “Bold” resume template, which features a bright red strip of color down one side. In the professional world, red is a power color therefore it grabs the attention of readers, even in a huge pile of resumes. It conveys that you are a candidate to be reckoned with, and someone who knows how to make a first impression. Use the coordinating cover letter and a bright red envelope to really make an impact.

It’s Getting Personal

Monograms are all the rage in terms of the design world, and this is also true for designing a stand out resume. The “Initial” resume template works well for this purpose as it features a nice initial at the very top right corner of the page. This helps hiring managers to find your resume from among a number of applicants, and the nice burgundy color is very pleasing to the eye.

Be Creative

When it comes to designing a resume that stands out to recruiters, nothing beats a little creativity. The “Creative” resume template works well for this, as it has a lot of visual appeal. From the pleasing blue tones that highlight your contact information to the well-organized content areas surrounded by plenty of white space, this template is a favorite of serious job seekers.

Traditional Class

Sometimes standing out means going the extra mile to impress a hiring manager. Instead of submitting a dull one-page resume, try a new twist on the “Traditional” resume with this template. It features a nice centered document nested in an eggshell frame that looks a lot like parchment. You can create your cover letter and resume all in one using this great free resume template.

Just the Essentials

Looking for a simple resume format that still has impact? Then you will want to go with the “Essentials” resume template that features a clean look and a stripe of color that stands out. Download the resume template and change the colors or font to suit your taste. Use a bold envelope to mail your resume to potential employers.

As you begin your job search, be sure to use these resume templates to develop an outstanding resume worthy of attention. Have a professional resume writer or career coach support your job search if you need to go a step further. Use My Job Helper to find the best jobs in your field of study and region.

Some employers may reject resumes with photographs to avoid potential accusations of discriminating on the basis of race and other factors.