Finding Work After 50: White Paper Summary

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Finding Work After 50In today’s job market cultural age, not physical age, is what matters most. Unfortunately many older job seekers over 50 are poorly attuned to the contemporary workplace. When they look for a job they often do not understand how much hiring practices have changed.

Here is a summary of a recent white paper that we published to help you understand the job landscape people over 50 face.

Overcoming Age Barriers

It is illegal and discriminatory to ask an applicant’s age on an application form or in an interview.Nevertheless, the prejudice against older workers remains. It is only after a prospective employer sees what you can do for his company that age ceases to become a handicap. Therefore you want to try to get prospective employers to focus on your skills rather than your age.

Resumes: Frame Your Experience as Skills, Not Jobs

Most workers have a simple chronological resume that begins with the most recent job working down the page through older jobs. Within each job, people show as many different responsibilities as possible. This makes sense when you are entering the job market for the first time and you are anxious to demonstrate that you have work experience.

Networking to Find Jobs Before They are Listed

Older workers grew up in a business culture where people found jobs by reading the classified ads in the local newspaper. When you saw a job you wanted, you put your resume in the mail, along with a cover letter and hoped to get called in for an interview. You expected to have no more than four or five jobs over the course of your life, so job hunting was a relatively rare experience.

Search Thousands of Job Opportunities Online

Workers who have not conducted a job search recently will be pleased to find a wealth of powerful tools online. Craigslist is especially good for finding jobs with small, local employers. It is also rich in part-time and temporary jobs that are advertised nowhere else. Smaller firms tend to be less prejudiced against individuals who have been unemployed for many months.



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  1. Anita Burt

    It’s illegal to discriminate against those of us of a certain age, but they do, and get away with it.
    It’s illegal to discriminate against those of us of certain ethnic background – whites, but they do, and get away with it.
    They claim to be “Equal Opportunity Employers” , but they aren’t, and the get away with it.
    They list jobs for months, if not years, and never hire anyone, because its all sham, a scam, on all of us that want to work.
    This is all a cruel hoax on the unemployed who really want to work.

  2. Mixie arsoin

    Work at grocery co as a scanning specialist for 25 yrs

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