What Jobs Are Available to Millennials New to the Workforce?

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Jobs Are Available to Millennials New to the WorkforceIt’s a great time to be a Millennial! Those born between 1977 and 1997 who are entering the workforce form this generation. According to The Great Workplace Revolution, Millennials are well educated (about 60% have a college degree), and they value fun and connection. They tend to be energetic, technically fluent, and visually oriented. Although they are tolerant of people, Millennials are demanding when it comes to results. Given these characteristics, what jobs are available and perhaps best suited to Millennials new to the workforce?

Non-Profit Sector

One of the often neglected areas for job searches may also be the best suited for Millennials. Consider the non-profit sector. Jobs such as grant writer, project manager, community service coordinator, and social worker can offer a variety of opportunities to have fun, stay connected—both in person and electronically—and make a good living. Spend some time searching sites like Idealist.org and The Chronicle of Philanthropy to see what other jobs and options may exist for you.

For-Profit Sector

There are, of course, jobs in the more traditional for-profit sector that are available and suited to Millennials new to the workforce. Glassdoor recently published a top ten list of jobs that workers in their 20s found to be the most satisfying over the last three years. At the top of the list are jobs in marketing, which would include newer options such as social media manager; engineering (software and mechanical); and analysts in research, business, or data. The good news is that each of these professions pays well and is expected to maintain a decent growth rate through the next decade.

Fastest Growing Jobs

One other way to consider what jobs are available and conducive to Millennials is to check the Bureau of Labor Statistics list of the fastest growing professions through 2022. The list includes jobs, such as psychologist, health care aid, and construction worker. Each of the positions listed is expected to grow at least three times as fast as other jobs. Salary and education requirements vary, but one-half of these positions typically pay more than $50,000 annually.

If you are a Millennial entering the workforce, do what you do best to find that great new job. Connect with others personally and electronically. Do some research to find jobs that interest you, and don’t settle until you get the desired result of a suitable career opportunity. It truly is a great time to be a Millennial!