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Seasonal Employment in New York City: A How-to Guide

Posted: February 13, 2015 at 10:23 pm

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New York Columbus CircleWhen most people think of a job, they imagine the traditional 9-5 or rotating through shifts like factory or hospital employees typically do. If that type of employment isn’t for you, or you just want or need more flexibility with employment, consider seasonal work. New York City is full of such options.

What is ‘seasonal employment’?

Seasonal employment is exactly what it sounds like: Employers have temporary jobs that may last for the summer or through the year-end holiday shopping madness. Businesses may also need extra help with a project for a period of time. Often these jobs have some flexibility with hours or location. For example, you may be able to work primarily from home while the kids are at school, or full-time over breaks if you’re a college student.

Where can I find seasonal jobs?

One of the best ways to find seasonal work in New York City is to use an online job search engine, such as MyJobHelper. Type the word ‘seasonal’ in the “job title” box and add the name of the city or zip code; then click on the “search” button. You can further narrow the results by distance, salary, type of work, and other such factors to find what may be of interest to you.

Another tip is to use online search databases to find types of businesses that seem to hire seasonal work. Some may be obvious: Retail stores typically hire seasonal workers during holidays or for huge sales. Others may not be so obvious: Universities sometimes hire additional help for student enrollment or campus activities.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to cold call and network. New York is full of publishers, for instance, so you might submit or drop off a letter of introduction telling them about your qualifications and what sorts of seasonal jobs you’d be interested in doing. Let everyone in the area know of your interest in seasonal work, too. Chances are good that a friend or family member will send some opportunities your way.

What types of jobs are there?

Although almost any company may need seasonal workers, there are some businesses that make more frequent use of this option. Automotive, computer, and appliance repair services frequently need extra help. People tend to travel more in the spring and summer, and they want their vehicles checked out before leaving. On the other hand, more are working during the fall and winter, so computer repair businesses tend to need extra help during those seasons.

Spring and summer also bring vacationers and tourists to New York City. Check out some of the online lists of top tourist attractions in the city. Then look for seasonal work at those locations as a tour guide, docent, gift shop clerk, security guard, or other such supporting roles to help visitors have a great time. Don’t forget that vacationers and tourists also need transportation, places to stay, and food to eat. Look for spring and summer seasonal work as a ticket taker, cab driver, hotel clerk, or waiter.

During the fall and winter, New Yorkers tend to go for indoor activities more, so consider looking for seasonal work at gyms, theaters, and other such indoor recreational facilities. Working families will need daycare, so consider applying at area preschools or working as a babysitter.

Seasonal work opportunities in New York City are only limited by your imagination. It can be a great way to work a flexible schedule while earning money and building work experience.