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How to Find a Warehouse Job as a Felon or Ex-Con

Posted: February 21, 2015 at 3:10 pm

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warehouse-jobs-for-felons-exconsFinding a job after prison presents a unique challenge to job seekers. However, there are employers who understand the need for ex-cons to get back on the right track after serving their time. There are companies that also know that part of preventing a return to prison is providing a better way to make a living for individuals in such circumstances. Working for a warehouse is one such job category and here are # tips to help you find such a job.

#1: Think Felon Friendly

Some companies are more willing to take a chance on an ex-con than others, so consult lists of potential employers that have a reputation for understanding the needs of those trying to get their lives back on track. Although many are national or global corporations, focus your efforts on their local warehouses or distribution centers. Employers may feel better about helping someone from their own community.

#2: Provide Additional Assurances

Expanding upon the traditional recommendations may help. Try to provide more than the usual three, and ask each person to speak specifically to how they will be part of your support system as you continue your rehabilitation. In addition to the usual references, such as former employers, teachers, or clergy, provide some references from those who are officially a part of your rehabilitation, such as a probation officer or rehabilitation counselor.

#3: Consider Smaller Steps

While most people want an immediate full-time job with an excellent salary and benefits, be willing to start with something less to prove yourself to an employer. You may want to start at the warehouse as a temporary or part-time employee. As you prove yourself to be a trustworthy hard worker, you can start to explore full-time, benefits eligible options with your employer, and maybe even promotions.

#4: Search On-Ground and Online

As with most job searches, you’ll want to take advantage of both on-ground and online resources. Spend the 9-5 business hours visiting warehouses in your area to submit your application. When you submit your application, do not lie about your situation, but instead share how you are rebuilding your life. If you are fortunate enough to have an interview with a human resource representative or manager, also ask what programs or support the organization may offer for your circumstances.

Then spend evenings and weekends searching online job sites, such as MyJobHelper.com to find and apply for warehouse positions in your area. Be sure not only to use the search term “warehouse,” but also any additional information like your zip code, “part-time,” “seasonal,” or “temporary” to help you fit your search more closely to your own personal situation. Temporary employment agencies may also be helpful in finding you a suitable position.

#5: Build Your Skills

Looking for a job is often said to be a full-time job in itself, but do make take some time to add to your skills. Many warehouses are adding automated features and using different types of machinery. See if your local JobWorks or college provides any training related to the type of warehouse work you’d like to do. Look into any job search support services like resume writing. Being prepared and standing out favorably in as many was as possible will help offset the difficulties associated with finding a job as a felon or ex-con.

Looking for employment after prison can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Working in a warehouse is one good option, and the above tips should help.