Tips to Avoid Stress While Job Searching

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Unemployed individuals actively looking for work are prone to stress due to the harsh economic climate.  From being out of work longer than anticipated to being rejected for a position to not getting called back for interviews, searching for a job can seem like an endless gauntlet of rejection. Here are some tips to help guide you through the turmoil of applying and interviewing for positions without becoming disheartened.

Investigate The Industry

Being knowledgeable on the industry you’re applying to can go a long way when job searching. Seek out prominent people in that industry by networking or using online sleuthing and try to get an idea of how those people ended up in the positions they’re in.  Knowing that the job your want to get is obtainable and that others have found their way in that industry can help relive your stress and anxiety and keep you from falling into a slump if you don’t find available job opportunities immediately. Do a little detective work. Search for your interviewer on LinkedIn or Google and try to come up with some talking points based on their professional experience and interests.

Have Others Evaluate You

Talk to professionals with whom you have a strong and trusting relationship, like a former co-worker or former boss and ask them for feedback.  Sometimes the way we perceive ourselves differs from the way others perceive us, and while it may be tough to hear, having a good sense of self can help you build confidence in the long run.  Try to understand how a recruiter or interviewer would view you and put yourself into their shoes.  Would you hire yourself for the positions you’re applying to?

Form A Strategy

If you’ve been interviewing a lot without much progress its probably time to make a change. Often, where a person is constantly interviewing they’ll become tired of being asked the same questions and tired of rejection. Don’t let these negative traits slip into your interview!  Make sure you are polite, prepared and treat each interview like its your first.  Unfortunately job searching is a numbers game and some industries will require more work than others to break into.  Create a spreadsheet to keep track of interview appointments and questions you’ve been asked so you can reference these and keep track of your interviewing patterns.

Using these tips can keep burnout at bay, your emotions in check and your job search on the best possible path.