Social Media Strategies For Job Seekers

Share and Help your Friends With Their Job Search!

use-social-media-to-find-jobBefore you even think about conducting an online job search, take the time to make your social networking accounts stand out in a positive and professional way. Remove any compromising posts, pictures, and content. Update them with a fresh statement of who you are and what career expertise you have. Upload a new headshot photo. Most recruiters will be looking at your profiles, so make them count.

1. Make a List of Companies

  • Build a highly target list of companies and find key people and hiring managers to actively campaign.
  • Use niche job boards to find growth companies and opportunities.
  • Use advanced search tools to build a list of ideal companies.
  • Find key decision makers using Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Identify What Traits Those Companies Want

  • Use social media to identify the specific needs of your target companies and hiring managers, and position your message accordingly.
  • Use social media and online sources to learn about the latest developments in the industry and the company.
  • Find and follow top industry news sites and blogs.
  • Use online subscriptions, databases and journals.
  • Use networks/contracts to identify specific manager needs.

3. Get In Touch With Companies Using Social Media

  • Informational interviews are your B-line to your target company
  • Network your way to an informational interview
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to find interview sources
  • Use social media networks the proper way to reach out to hiring managers

4. Arrange For An In-person Meeting

  • Reach out to hiring managers through social media with proper etiquette.
  • Check your online presence before the interview.
  • Learn to deal with or overcome objections/rejections.
  • Prepare for the in-person meeting!