Job Outlook for College Graduates

By | March 19, 2015

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College graduates have been scrambling to find a job (any job) over the past five years. They’ve largely found themselves toiling at work for which they’re overqualified, or simply unemployed. However, this year’s college graduates are entering a much rosier job market. Hiring for new graduates is on the upswing in nearly all sectors, and data indicates that this demand is more than just a hiccup.

A variety of factors are driving the need for college educated workers. Companies that were slow to hire in a sluggish economy must finally bring in new blood to meet the demands of their businesses. Additionally, there was a significant number of older workers pushing off retirement to continue working. That significantly reduced the availability of jobs requiring both college and advanced degrees. However, these older workers are finally beginning to leave the workforce in greater numbers.  This has opened up a significant number up career opportunities for the next generation of job seekers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s been a return to business as usual. It’s not Fortune 500 companies creating new jobs in 2015. Rather, it’s smaller start-up companies creating most of the new positions. While a start-up company may hire on a much smaller scale, the sheer number of these companies in existence has yielded a large collective increase.

It’s also worth mentioning that those with advanced degrees will also have an easier time entering the job market. With the exception of graduating attorneys, M.B.A.s, PhDs, associate’s degrees, and professional degrees have all seen significant jobs growth as well.

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