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Writing an Interview Thank You Note

Posted: April 10, 2015 at 8:30 pm

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thankyounote390There’s no better feeling than walking out of a job interview knowing that you nailed it. Go ahead! Take a victory lap past the coffee shop, and indulge in an overpriced frappuccino. Then wipe the whip off your lip, and write a thank you note ASAP before the hiring manager hands your dream job to somebody else.

While writing a thank you note may seem like a formality, it’s critical to sealing the deal. In an online survey, hiring managers overwhelmingly indicated that their decision to hire was impacted by whether a candidate sent a thank you note. They felt strongly that the failure to send a thank you note demonstrated both a lack of follow-through and a sincere interest in the job.

That’s obviously not the impression you want to leave with an employer after slaving away on a resume, and sweating through an interview. Instead, treat the thank you note as an extension of your interview. Reiterate why you’re the best person for the job, and make your enthusiasm for the position abundantly clear.

Here are a few other helpful thank you note guidelines:

  • Keep it brief, no longer than three paragraphs.
  • Send it quickly, ideally within twenty-four hours.
  • Make it personal. Reference specific points of discussion during your interview.
  • Thank everybody that you met individually with a separate letter.

One common point of confusion surrounds whether to send a thank you note via snail mail or email. While email is standard these days, traditional corporations might be the exception to the rule. Keep your audience in mind, and use your judgement. However, we’d like to point out that there is absolutely NO confusion surrounding the use of phone calls and text messages for the purpose of expressing your gratitude – don’t do it. While these modes of communication might be convenient for you, they’re perceived as both inappropriate and sloppy.

If you have a case of writer’s block, that’s certainly understandable. Interviewing is exhausting! Get started using any of the thank you note templates provided here, here, here and here. And remember that you can always come back to MyJobHelper for guidance on resumes, job searches, and interview advice.