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7 Things You Should Never Say At Work

Posted: September 25, 2015 at 2:35 am

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There are a million decisions that we make when we show up at work each day. However, one of the most important choices you can make is the language that you use. Just one word or phrase can shift people’s perception of you in either a positive or negative direction. Do you want to be perceived as confident, or tentative? Dedicated, or lazy? The right choice of words can create a long-lasting, positive impression on your employer and team. The wrong choice of words might convey that you’re disposable, and ultimately result in your being dismissed.

1. That’s not my job. If these words ever escape your lips at the office, you should just show yourself the door. Failing to execute on assignments that fall outside of your job description will signal that you’re not a team player, and that you’re not invested in the success of your company as a whole. While you may not always like what you’re being asked to do, it is usually in your best interests to just get it done. The only exception might be is if you’re actually unable to do the task because you lack the skill set, i.e. I can’t help out with that Powerpoint presentation because I have no idea how to use Powerpoint. In that case, consider yourself excused.

2. That’s not fair. It may not be fair, but actually saying That’s not fair sounds like whining. If have a valid complaint, then make your case in an intelligent, articulate and carefully considered manner.

3. What a jerk! It’s valid to give voice to any personnel issues you’re having at work. However, it should never be done with name calling. Be specific, be tactful, and address the issue through proper channels. Blasting people so aggressively makes you look unprofessional, and it may actually expose you to legal action.

4. There’s nothing I can do. Valued employees come up with solutions, not reasons why something can’t be done. Make sure that you’ve exhausted every possible solution before throwing in the towel. Always be positive, and let people know how you can contribute.

5. This may be silly, but… It’s important to present yourself at work as somebody with confidence and credibility. Discounting yourself at the outset demonstrates insecurity, and reduces the impact of your ideas. Don’t do it!

6. We tried that once, and it didn’t work. That’s fine, but explain why that solution wasn’t effective. Present alternate solutions that might be workable. Otherwise, it may appear that you’re shirking your responsibilities out of laziness.

7. I’m too busy. Aren’t we all? If you’re too busy right now, then offer an alternate day and time when you’re not busy. Again, your job is not to create obstacles. Your job is to solve problems, and get things done.

We hope that these examples of how language can impact your career will inspire you to think, act and speak positively in the workplace. In addition to enhancing your reputation as a professional, it will create a better experience at work for everybody – including yourself.

5 Ways To Build Your Professional Brand Using Social Media

Posted: September 18, 2015 at 6:46 pm

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Brand Building

These days almost everybody knows the rules of social media. Bikini shots and booze are bad. Photos of your food and feet are boring. Exotic vacations, adorable babies and your dog are all good. However, it’s always shocking how many career minded folks don’t invest in building their professional brands online outside of LinkedIn. Let’s get cracking!

1. Tag your current company in all of your social handles. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope or any other social platform where you hang your virtual hat. It lets your personal network learn a little bit about your career, but-more importantly-your employer will smile upon being the source of your professional pride. Kissing butt? Maybe. Smart? Definitely.

2.  Share any positive developments about your company online. Obviously, that should include anything exciting to you personally like a promotion. However, you should also share updates regarding anything that the company is particularly proud of at the moment. Maybe it’s positive press, or a recently completed project. It demonstrates enthusiasm for your work which can only reflect well on you.

3. Post Updates About Your Professional Development. If you’re investing in growing your career, let people know. Examples of relevant news are earning a degree, taking part in a conference, attending a seminar or professional networking event. It makes you look like a go-getter! So go, go, go update your status!

4. Share helpful tips with your network. People in your professional network will always be hungry to hear about any new and valuable resources that will help them excel at their jobs. Let your peers know if you’ve uncovered a fantastic online discussion forum, private Facebook Group or Quora thread. Maybe there’s a great new piece of software, or important legal news that impacts your industry others are eager to learn more about. You get the idea.

5. Follow influencers and leaders in your industry. Prominent business figures frequently post breaking news, and insightful thoughts on issues currently impacting your industry. Tracking and sharing their updates demonstrates once again that you’re enthusiastic about staying informed and furthering your career.

Building your professional brand online definitely requires a commitment of time and energy. However, establishing yourself as a thought leader in the minds of your colleagues can really elevate your reputation. It might also impress the next person responsible for bringing you  your next exciting career opportunity. Well worth the investment, if you ask us!