Quitting Your Job Is The Key To Success

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That headline is not clickbait, and they are certainly not words that I ever thought that I would type. Twenty years ago, companies looked for candidates with resumes that demonstrated  longevity and loyalty. Hopping from job to job was a red flag for recruiters. Now, changing your job every three to four years is actually viewed as a good thing. So what’s changed?

In recent years, there’s been quite a bit of data revealed around the benefits of short term employment for both workers and employers. Here are just a few examples.

Job hoppers are highly experienced at acquiring new skill sets. Employers are always going to seek out, and pay top dollar to job candidates with cutting edge skill sets. Their experience is a huge added value for companies who might otherwise remain stagnant.

Job hoppers work quickly to make a positive impact on their organizations. As a result, they quickly impress their employers with their ambition and drive.

Job  hopping increases your career stability. Moving from company to company allows job hoppers to develop impressive networks. If you’re good about maintaining contacts, then you have greatly expanded your pool of potential employers. That means you’re not shackled to just one company for your financial and career needs. Workers who spend their entire career at one company cannot say the same.

If you’re a lifer who’s still not convinced, then read this doozy of a statistic. Workers who stay with a company more than two years are paid up to fifty-percent less than job hoppers. It’s clear that the benefits of sticking around have evaporated. If you’re at a company handing out gold watches and matching your 401k, then by all means – stay put. However, the rest of you should be out there exploring your options.