5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

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work smarter reminderThere is no arguing that we live in strange times. Distraction is everywhere thanks to the internet and smart phones. Something rings, beeps or buzzes…and there goes our train of thought. It’s amazing any of us get anything done at work EVER!!! Except some people do. They get a lot done. Turn off your Facebook notifications for fifteen minutes, and we’ll share their secrets with you.

1. Be present.   It’s impossible to keep track of what other people are saying while you engage in a one-handed scroll. Turn off your phone, and ditch the computer unless you’re using it to take notes. Giving somebody your full attention greatly reduces the likelihood of miscommunication. It also cuts down on the number of times somebody has to repeat themselves because your attention was elsewhere.

2. Take care of yourself. Ditch the junk food, take that extra flight of stairs, and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. People are at their most productive when they’re feeling good. That means eating healthy, exercising, and getting rid of the excuses.

3. Don’t waste time on drama. It is always in your best interest to keep things professional, and not emotional at the office. If somebody else is losing their cool, it’s even more important that you retain your own composure. Drama at work is exhausting and distracting. At the end of the day, everybody just wants to get their work done and go home.

4. Prioritize. Get the most important stuff done first. Make a list, stay on task, and start again the next day. Otherwise, your day will get eaten alive by stuff that just doesn’t matter.

5. Say NO.  Shonda Rhimes might have spent the year saying YES, but we don’t recommend that you do the same.  Smart workers know that their reputations are built on what they actually accomplish – not what they meant to do. Think long and hard before you agree to give somebody else your most precious asset. And of course, that asset is time.