How Temping Can Help You Land a Full Time Job

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5 Ways Temping Can Help You Land a Fulltime JobJob hunting can be stressful, especially when you are unemployed. In today’s market many companies choose to hire temporary employees, commonly referred to as temps, in lieu of full time employees. When job searching, think carefully before you dismiss postings for temporary jobs and only focus on those postings that are advertising for full time positions. 

Applying for a temporary job has its benefits – and the potential to lead to full time employment in the long run. Here are five things to take into consideration before dismissing temp positions altogether.

It Can Be Easier to Get Hired For a Temporary Position

There is some stiff competition for full time positions. When you apply for a full time position you may be competing against as many as 100 other applicants, making it tough to land an interview. With temporary positions the competition is less likely to be as fierce and the employer’s standards are usually not held quite as high as those hiring for a full time position. This is because hiring someone on as a temporary employee makes it easy for either party to back out if it turns out not be a good fit. In this way the company is able to try the employee out to test their skills before making a full commitment to them.

Temping Can Get Your Foot in the Door

Once you get your foot in the door at a company, it is much easier to get hired by them. While not all temporary positions lead to being hired full time, many do. You can take advantage of your time temping for a company by working hard and excelling at the work they assign you. It is not unusual for a company to offer a job to a temporary employee that they consider to be a valuable asset. Also, if a full time position becomes available while you are temping there, or shortly after your assignment ends, you will have an advantage in applying for it because the company already knows your work performance first hand.

Temping Can Help You Gain the Experience You Need to Land a Job

Accepting a temporary position with a company can help you gain experience in new areas and expand your skill set. Being able to add data entry or customer service experience on your next job application may be the very thing that gets you an interview. The more experience in different areas you can accumulate, the better your chances are of being what employers are looking for.

Temping Can Expand Your Network

Even if the company you temp for doesn’t hire you, if management is impressed with your work they might recommend you to another company that is hiring. They also may be willing to serve as a reference to vouch for your good workmanship to future potential employers. Having an established company willing to back your work up can go a long way to getting you hired.

Temping Helps You Avoid Long Gaps in Your Job History

If you have been struggling to land a job for a while, temping can not only give you a much needed financial boost, but it can also help plug any gaps in your work history. Long gaps without work can be viewed negatively by some employers. Working a temporary position, even if it only lasts a few months, can help fill long gaps in your employment history and keep you looking good to potential employers.

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With the advantages that temporary positions have to offer, deciding to give temping a try could be the stepping stone to landing you a full time job.