Research Jobs Online Like a Pro

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These days conducting a successful job search requires that you spend a lot of time online looking at careers, job descriptions and companies. The more efficient you are in your search, the sooner you will be able to find opportunities where your chances of getting hired are high.

  • Start with a good job site. We recommend, of course, because of the ease with which users can set up email alerts. is also valuable for the data they collect on wages and salaries.

  • Organize the information you collect. Let your browser be your friend. Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers all have robust bookmarking features that allow you to create folders and folders within folders to keep bookmarked web pages for jobs and companies well organized.
  • Use Advanced Search in Google here to filter out less relevant results. Better yet, learn how to use Google’s search operators here and here so you never have to leave Google’s search box.
  • Check out company web sites. Most larger companies have a “Careers” tab or link with job descriptions for open positions. Many times these links are buried in the footers at the bottom of the site. Don’t leave the website of a company that interests you until you have checked to see if there are any jobs available.
  • Learn to use keywords. Keywords are the words you enter into a search engine’s search box to find jobs. Never assume that you are using the right keyword. For example, If you want a clerical position, don’t search using the only the word “clerk.” Try using “administrator,” administrative assistant,” associate administrator,” “coordinator,” and even “secretary.” To save time and get better results, make a list the the keywords that most consistently deliver jobs that interest you.
  • Use Facebook. That’s right, Facebook. Many companies mention job openings on their Facebook page. And while you’re searching Facebook, be sure to let all of your friends know that you are looking for a job.
  • Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not just a place to get found by recruiters. G0 to the Jobs link in the menu bar at the top of the LinkedIn web page to browse jobs, or enter your keywords in the LinkedIn search box.
  • Don’t overlook craigslist. Many people think craigslist only has part-time or low paying jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Employers love craigslist because it is fast and cheap. When they are eager to hire someone quickly, they often turn to craigslist even for managerial positions.

Continue to develop your internet search skills from year to year. The length of time people spend at any one job is getting shorter each year. Good internet search skills will pay dividends for the rest of your working life.