What you should know about recruiters

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If you are a highly skilled worker, or an experienced manager or executive, you may be contacted by a recruiter. It’s a great feeling to have someone interested in hiring you initiate contact. It’s good to be the pursued rather than the pursuer for a change.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two kinds of recruiters, internal and external.

Internal in-house recruiters are on the staff of the company that is hiring. They search for candidates from among both people who already working inside company as well as people outside the company.

External recruiters typically work for independent agencies retained by a company to fill a job. They look for candidates outside the company to fill open positions. The hiring company pays the recruiter a fee, often quite substantial, when a candidate from the recruiter is hired. These recruiters are often called headhunters.

Many of the jobs you find on sites like MyJobHelper.com have been placed by headhunters. In fact, it is not unusual for the same opening to be listed on a job site by both a recruiter and the hiring company.

For positions that are hard to fill, or where the demand for qualified candidates exceeds the supply, recruiters expand their efforts beyond job listings. They “source” candidates by searching Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and specialty sites on the internet. They also look for people who are currently employed but may be willing to leave their current company for a better position or more money.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you work with a recruiter.

  • You cannot hire a recruiter. Recruiters work for employers, not job seekers.
  • Recruiters are compensated by employers. This means that they prioritize the employer’s interests ahead of the candidate’s interests.
  • Recruiters are not career counselors. Ordinarily they cannot afford to spend a lot of time giving you career advice.
  • However, if you are a good candidate, a recruiter will want to make a good impression on you so that you will consider future openings from other companies who have hired the recruiter.
  • Recruiters do not decide who gets hired. They present the best candidates to the company and the hiring manager decides.
  • If you don’t get hired for the job, you should still try to to make a good impression so that recruiters will contact you first when suitable positions open up in the future.

Keep these tips in mind to increase your chances of landing a great job.