Overcome Lack of Experience On Your Resume

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Overcome Lack of Experience On Your Resume MyJobHelper

You know that you want the job, but you don’t have all of the experience that an employer is looking for—so how can you still get an interview? Instead of worrying about the experience you lack, focus on the assets that you do bring to the table. You may not be the “ideal” candidate described in the job listing, but that doesn’t mean you should count yourself out.

Take a look at what you can offer that makes you unique and interesting to a potential employer. It could be a promotion, it could be a management type of job, or it just might be some special skill that you have. If you want to overcome that lack of experience then start thinking about why somebody would want to hire you—and there’s always at least one good reason!

  • Highlight a time where you solved a problem: You may have come up with a process to help with lost productivity. You may have mentioned to your manager that you had a simple solution to a very common problem.  Anytime that you used problem solving skills to help your company, you should mention it on your resume. It’s a great way to show off something positive and compensate for some skill that you might be lacking. If a company can see that you worked through an issue they will be more interested in meeting you.
  • Talk about how you have managed others or done something significant: You may have been the person that others turned to for advice. You may have done a good job managing a specific project or group of people. If you have ever shown that you can lead or take charge of something, then this is definitely worth sharing on your resume. You may not have the official experience, but if you have done something similar or shown that you are somebody who can be counted on, then it’s worth mentioning. Companies want to see that you can do a good job when you work independently
  • Focus on a special skill, talent, or accomplishment you have: It may be that you type fast and therefore you can get your work done efficiently. It might be that you won “Employee of the Month” or that your coworkers celebrated you for something great that you did. Any accomplishment, whether large or small, is worth noting.

 If you want that job then you have to think of reasons why they should hire you. Focus on that throughout your resume to overcome a lack of experience and demonstrate why you are worth interviewing.