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Pro-tips For Using Job Hunting Websites To Find Your Next Job

Posted: December 2, 2014 at 4:12 pm

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Online Job Hunting Tips

At some point in time, the smart job seeker realizes that the most effective way to find a new job is to use a job hunting website. It’s because finding a job any other way is too time consuming and frustrating for the average person. Besides, no one uses newspaper advertisements or “Help Wanted’ signs to find employees nowadays—nearly every company turns to the Internet to find the best talent. Job search websites are here to stay.

Now that you’ve become familiar with MyJobHelper as a resource for finding a job, do you truly know how to get the most from this resource? Learn how to maximize your job search results with these pro tips for using job hunting websites to find your next job.

Get Strategic About Your Job Search

Before you start randomly typing in a bunch of job search terms into the box on MyJobHelper, get strategic. Do some research into the types of jobs you want by visiting career websites that give an explanation of skills, responsibilities and tasks. Make a list of the top search keywords found in job advertisements and descriptions. Search for jobs both locally and in other areas to broaden your results.

Use a Professional Email

If you are ready to start applying for jobs you find on My Job Helper, ditch that old email address first. That’s right. Cutesy email addresses just don’t cut it when you want to appear professional to a hiring manager. Sign up for a new email and use your name or a first initial and last name. This ensures several things:

  • You can use this email inbox only for the purpose of job searches so responses don’t get lost in junk emails.
  • The email address appears professional to the person receiving it and doesn’t make them pre-judge you.
  • The email is easier to track down when they try to match up your resume with your contact information at interview time.

Subscribe to Email Alerts

Once you have set up a new professional email address, also be sure to take advantage of the convenience of having matched jobs sent automatically to your email on a regular basis. It’s like having someone else do your job search for you! Just remember to check in and respond to jobs you find that meet your needs and apply frequently.

Track Your Progress

Every goal needs a roadmap in order to stay on track. This is also true when it comes to a job search. Create a simple job search spreadsheet that enables you to track your progress. From the jobs you applied to and the dates you sent in your resume, to the times you follow-up, a spreadsheet can help you remember to check in with the hiring companies on a regular basis. Here is a free one you can use, from Microsoft Office templates.

Maximize Your Profile

You want a better results when you apply via job hunting websites. This is why you need to improve your profile on a regular basis. Update your information frequently on My Job Helper, including any new contact information, new skills learned, and temporary assignments you complete. The more proactive you appear to hiring managers who use MyJobHelper to find talent, the better you will fare here.

Using the above tips wont guarantee you will find a job in a certain time, but it can put you on the fast track to success on job hunting websites like My Job Helper.