Avoid These 4 Common Job Application Mistakes

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4 Common Job Application Mistakes You Need to AvoidA job application is the first step to getting a job. The information contained in a job application is a potential employer’s first impression of who you are and is used to determine whether you will be called in for an interview or be eliminated as a candidate for the job. Because your application is the gateway to landing an interview, it is extremely important that you take the time to fill them out properly. Make sure your next job application doesn’t land in the discarded pile by avoiding these four common job application mistakes.

Not Following Directions

It is important to read the directions thoroughly before you begin filling out a job application. Failing to follow instructions can leave the hiring manager with the assumption that you are not detail oriented and can lead to your application being moved straight to the “no” pile.

Misspelled Words and Grammatical Errors

A job application that is littered with misspelled words and grammatical errors looks unprofessional to hiring managers. While the occasional misspelled word or wrongly placed comma will most likely be overlooked, it is important to take the time to focus on making your sentences as clean and professional as possible. This means avoiding things like writing in all caps and using abbreviations that the hiring manager might not be familiar with. You should also utilize a spell checker when completing online applications.

Leaving Fields Blank

Much like not following directions, leaving some of the fields blank on an application can show a hiring manager that you lack an attention to detail. You should make it a point to fill out every single line on a job application. If a particular line does not pertain to you then write “Not applicable” on that line in lieu of leaving it blank.

Turning Your Application in After the Deadline

There is no acceptable excuse for turning in a job application late and most hiring managers will not consider applications that are turned in after the posted deadline. Make it a point to fill out job applications in a timely manner and get them turned in before the posted deadlines. Companies set application deadlines for a reason and consider it rude when they are ignored.