Finding Part Time Work with Hourly Retail Jobs

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shutterstock_72442309Hourly job seekers will typically find that part-time work in retail is plentiful. Those who enjoy working in a social environment will find much to enjoy in the daily interactions with both customers and co-workers. However, it’s a fact of retail life that the hours can be long and the pay significantly lower than part time work in other industries. If you’re excited about this line of work regardless, then here’s what you need to know before embarking on your retail job hunt.

Educational Requirements Positions in retail are fairly democratic in terms of educational requirements. College degrees typically aren’t required, and most recruiters will be open to those without a high school diploma as well. Retailers simply tend to seek out hard workers with strong interpersonal skills, and those with better than average fitness for physically demanding positions.

Hourly Retail Wages Retail wages can vary greatly depending upon where you live. While many employers may only offer minimum wage, you will absolutely find more highly skilled retail jobs that pay in excess of $15/hour. Additionally, those with a sales background should aggressively seek out positions that offer commission. There’s no question that sales based commission can drastically increase your take home pay if you’re hard working and motivated.

How To Find Open Retail Positions Showing up in person at your local shopping center is a very effective way of finding a job. However, you may find yourself out in the cold in the event of an ill-timed visit. Don’t fret! Retailers have overwhelmingly turned to online job listing services to aid in their recruiting efforts. The speed and efficiency of an online job search will allow you to cast a much wider net, greatly increasing the sheer number of applications that you might submit in person.

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