The 5 Best Video Resumes that Prove Unconventional Resumes Can Help Land a Job

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best-video-resumes-and-unconventional-resumesBlack and white paper resumes remain the norm in most hiring practices; however, they also have a nickname, “obituaries,” because they tend to show what an applicant did in the past in a very bland way. If a job post asks for one of these, be sure to submit one, but find a way to spice up your application by including a video resume as a separate file or a URL potential employers can click on. Here are five of the best examples to get you started.

#1: Nick Belling Takes Charge

Australian Nick Belling lives in a remote area where he comically shares that the software development industry is helping his elderly neighbor “do the Internet.” Therefore, he says he’s created the video resume to go to the employer. Note that within the pleasant, lighthearted tone, viewers get a look at actual projects Nick has completed, his unique style, and his personality.

#2: William Morvan Graphically Designs

Graphic designers create visual elements for books, websites, and other types of media. The more creative and talented they are, the further they go in the field. Notice in this video resume how William Morvan shows off his talents from the second the clip launches until the very end. He is audience aware, and potential employers will know what he can do for them in less than three minutes.

#3: Mark Leruste Dreams Big

Like the first two video resumes, Mark Leruste demonstrates solid work experience as a foreign correspondent and business owner. He’s got the education and personality to attract potential employers. The risk here is in the vague request that “a dream job would be nice.” Clearly, the variety of experiences he shared lets potential employers know he’s a guy who will thrive outside of the traditional office cubicle. For a company that needs someone like that, Mark’s the man.

#4: Lisette V Energizes Her Resume

Hiring managers are busy people under a lot of pressure to find the best people to fill vacancies in the shortest amount of time. Note how Lisette V energizes the demonstration of her talents and skills in a one minute clip that is sure to make potential employers take notice. The video resume plays like an elevator pitch and leaves viewers wanting to replay it and to learn more about what she has to offer.

#5: Ana Gomez Knows Spanish

Creativity is not limited just to video and graphic designers. Today’s educators, for example, need to be technically fluent and may even teach entirely online. Ana Gomez demonstrates her Spanish language proficiency and gives some examples of how she might teach a lesson with a multimedia approach in her video resume.

Video resumes can be a great way to share a lot of information about your candidacy within minutes. Be audience aware and don’t see this as a replacement for any required paper or online application formats. Avoid getting so caught up in your creativity that you forget to include documentation of your skills or your contract information. If you’re searching for a job, a video resume may be a great way to show prospective employers what you can do.