2015 Holiday Season: Who’s hiring?

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Every year, the big retailers bulk up their seasonal workforce to meet the demands of the holidays. We’re happy to say that this year is no exception! Companies such as Target, Macy’s, GAP, Walmart, JC Penny and Toys R Us have thousands of positions open for both full and part-time work. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make some much needed cash. And if you’re lucky, some of these part-time positions may lead to full-time employment. Here’s a complete breakdown of where the jobs are this upcoming holiday season.

  • Amazon: +100,000 seasonal jobs. +25,000 full-time workers.
  • Macy’s: +85,000 seasonal workers. That number includes hiring at its other flagship brand Bloomingdeals. Roughly 12,000 of these positions will be in fulfillment centers.
  • Wal-Mart: +60,000 holiday workers. That number includes department managers in more than 3,500 stores. In 2014, the company claims it retained 50%+ of those workers for full-time positions.
  • J.C. Penney: +30,000 seasonal employees. Don’t expect these jobs to turn into full time work though as this retailer has been having a tough go of things, closing many of its stores over the past year.
  • Nordstrom: +11,800 seasonal workers this holiday primarily at both Nordstrom “proper” and their discounted Rack locations. Fulfillment centers will account for about 1,600 of those jobs.
  • Toys R Us: +40,000 seasonal with the opportunity for overtime.
  • Kohl’s: +69,000 seasonal workers.
  • Target: +70,000 workers in vorh its stores and warehouses.
  • Burlington Stores: +10,800 seasonal workers.
  • Sports Authority: + 3,500 seasonal workers. This may be a promising prospect for those of you seeking full-time employment as hundreds of these jobs will transition into permanent positions after the holiday season.
  • GameStop: +28,000 seasonal workers. The company is seeking sales associates, consumer electronics technicians and warehouse workers.
  • Belk: +5,800 seasonal employees, primarily in sales.
  • The Bon-Ton Stores: +13,000 seasonal employees in their retail stores; +500 employees in distribution.
  • UPS: + 90,000 to 95,000 seasonal workers.
  • FedEx: +5,000 more seasonal worker.

 *Data compiled by CNBC.