How to Find a Job as an Introvert

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How To Find a Job As An IntrovertFor those who consider themselves introverts, finding a job, especially one that suits their nature, can be an uncomfortable process. If this is describes you, you’re in luck. Today’s job search techniques offer ways to look for a job from the comfort of your own home. You may even be able to work from there, too. Here’s how.

Determine Your Goal

The first step is to consider your career goal. Some introverts are content and have no desire to learn to be more extroverted to advance their careers. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to succeed in a profession that allows you to thrive working independently. Business Insider posted information on such jobs earlier this year. They include animal care workers, court reporters, film/video editors, and other such professions. You may also want to search for virtual occupations on job sites such as or Virtual Vocations.With technology, virtual jobs are becoming more common.

Other introverts may realize their career goal is in an area in which having a more extroverted personality may be beneficial. You may even want to just become more comfortable working with others for your own personal development. If this is you, consider starting with one of the strategies above; then gradually ease yourself into situations and opportunities in which you can practice being more extroverted. For example, as a film editor, you will most likely have some contact online in video chats with others. You may also have the opportunity to meet up to discuss a project in person. Taking these small steps can help you move your career forward in new, more extroverted ways if that is your goal.

Online Not Onsite

The good news for today’s job seekers who are introverts is that most of the job hunting and applications are completed online. Think about how you wish to brand yourself on social media sites like Linkedin. Professional organizations often have job boards on their websites that allow job seekers the chance not only to search job postings, but also to upload a profile, resume, or other employment documents.

You may also want to create an online portfolio of your work using a blog site, such as WordPress. Then you can provide the URL to prospective employers. An online portfolio could also allow you to practice your speaking and presentation skills by creating audio or video files to introduce yourself or overview a sample of your work.

Most employers require applicants to apply for open positions online first. The days of barging into offices to share a resume and demand an interview are mostly gone. Today’s process is designed as if it had introverts in mind.


All of the above is excellent news for introverted job seekers; however, the reality is that you may have to interview for a job in person. Take care to practice interviewing, even if you do this alone in front of a mirror. You may want to carry a small notebook and pen with you to take notes. You could also have a list of any questions you may want to ask ready. Be sure to bring copies of your application letter and resume, too. These are a nice ice breaker and may help you remember your work experience when you’re nervous. Finally, realize that your interviewers are nervous and that it’s okay to be human. It’s fine to acknowledge your nervousness, and your sincerity may even score you some favor.

Overall, finding a job as an introvert is much more comfortable than in the past. Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll do well.