Infographic: Free Smartphone Apps to Power Your Job Search

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Check out a new infographic from MyJobHelper highlighting 10 great smart phone apps you can use to supercharge your job search.  All recommended apps are FREE and can be used on Apple iOS or Google Android.


1. Any.Do

Powerful job searches generate long to-do lists. Keep track of all your job related tasks with Sync your smartphone to your computer and the website. Chrome browser extension available for all platforms.


2. CamScanner

Whether you need a copy of an application form or a copy of a receipt for tax-deductible expenses, CamScanner turns your smartphone into a scanner for intelligent document management.


3. cPro Craigslist

Craiglist is not stringly a job search site, but it offers lots of jobs including many you can’t find elsewhere.  cPro Craigslist searches new listings and saves web pages to read later. Easier to use than your mobile browser.


4. Evernote

Evernote is the Swiss Army knife of productivity apps. It can keep track of all your notes, PDFs, scans, emails ,reminders, bookmarks and more. Evernote syncs across all of your devices. You can even store notes locally on your smartphone to use without an internet connection.


5. Job Interview Question-Answer

Practice answering job interview questions the next time you have a few spare moments. Career Confidential shared this app with 3000 members, and 99% said it improved their interview skills immediately. Record your answers to practice your responses.


6. LastPass

Job seekers need to fill out multiple registrations to take advantage of online job applications. LastPass keeps track of all your passwords and auto-fills login forms. It generates super-secure long passwords and backs up sensitive files securely.


7. LinkdedIn

Successful job seekers are good networkers, and there is no better business networking tool that LinkedIn. The LinkedIn app connects you to contacts and keeps you posted on the latest news in your industry. You can find, save and apply for recommend jobs with just a few taps.


8. Mailbox

Expect to be inducted with emails once your job search picks up steam.  Specifically designed for smartphones, Mailbox pulls your messages down from the cloud. It learns from your swipes to automate common tasks. Snooze messages to read later. Indispensable!


9. Resume Star

Build your resume from scratch on your iPhone with Resume Star. It creates cross-platform compatible PDF resumes that you can email or print directly from your phone. It also creates individual cover letters for each resume. Includes in-app spellcheck.


10. Resume Builder

Need a resume? Simply take a picture with your smartphone camera, fill in the blanks on the Resume Builder form and the app does the rest. You can save your resumes to update or edit for future use. Email your resume or save a PDF to use later.